Sir Steve

Sir Steve

Growing up in Los Angeles, Steve fell in love with rock & roll, rhythm & blues and soul music while still in grade school.  Like many budding rock drummers of his time, he decided at the age of 11 to play the drums after watching Ringo Starr perform with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. At the age of 13, after convincing his parents to allow him to use some of the funds from his Bar Mitzvah presents, he bought his first drum set, a basic black lacquer Ludwig kit for $200. Steve studied with a local drum teacher and performed in band classes at Palms Junior High. Within 6 months he was playing drums in his first rock band, the Sights of Sound which took first place in our local school battle of the bands.

While attending Hamilton High School where there were many gifted musicians, they had awesome jam sessions almost every weekend. Steve played in the school marching band and orchestra, also studied privately with a wonderful jazz drummer and teacher, Clarence Johnston. It was during these high school years that Steve joined his first blues band, his first jazz quartet, and performed with the hard-working top-40 covers band, the Town Criers, playing local gigs, weddings and school prom dances.

In Sir Steve’s college years he performed with the UC Irvine symphony orchestra and the UCLA percussion ensemble. During medical school in Chicago he had the opportunity to sit in at blues jam sessions at clubs like the Kingston Mines.

Sir Dr. Steve moved back to L.A. to practice medicine and raise a family.  During these years, he had the chance to mentor his talented son Dan, who also fell in love with drumming. They both studied with a wonderful teacher and performer, Walter Garces.

Since moving to McMinnville, OR 12 years ago Dr. Steve returned to his rock & roll roots playing with the classic rock cover band, The Vintage Knights as well as experiencing the thrill of performing big band jazz with the Frank Messina Band along with my good friend Chip Topping.

A quote from Sir Dr. Steve.

“It has been my absolute privilege and pleasure to have participated in this new creative musical project with my dear friend Robert Porath along with Dave and Chip to help bring Robert’s original compositions to life!”

We hope he feels the same way about the Vintage Knights band as well! We love you Sir Dr.Steve!